NUM is outraged about lies being fabricated in the media after the arrest of mineworkers in Marikana

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has noted the narrative perpetuated by some media houses about the recent arrests of mineworkers in Marikana associated with killings of other mineworkers. As NUM, we state categorically clear that all the 13 accused people are members and former leaders of AMCU except for Petersen Siyaya and Nkosinathi Mantashe. Petersen Siyaya and Nkosinathi Mantashe are NUM members. Petersen Siyaya is an NUM member who was assisting AMCU members with employee relations matters. This was confirmed by the state prosecutor in the court of law. Comrade Siyaya involvement is linked to the alleged unsubstantiated delivery of money which was used to pay for a hitman. This allegation is baseless as the investigating officer could not tell the court who delivered the money and at what place.

The state prosecutor is on record saying that Peterson Siyaya was never present in all the meetings where the alleged plans of assassination were hatched. We call upon the state to speed up its investigation and arrest all those who are involved in the killings of mineworkers in Marikana including the brutal murder of comrade Mninawe Deleki who was shot in front of his family. We are therefore calling upon the state to release Peterson Siyaya as there is no tangible evidence against him. Secondly the absence of his involvement as far as all the meetings are concerned and was never disputed by the state during the cross-examination.

Mineworkers in Rustenburg are beginning to realize that they have been fooled, cheated, lied to by some people who are desperate to hide the truth about the killings in Marikana. Some of these people have hired a prominent private investigator to frame NUM members in some of these killings. This private investigator is desperate to frame our members.The NUM is calling on its members to be vigilant and be on alert. We want to warn these people and their private investigator that they will never succeed to destroy, kill and crush the NUM. Mineworkers now see. They are beginning to remember clearly what happened to them. They are starting to understand and ready to reveal the real truth about killings around Marikana. They will never surrender. They are sending clear messages to their leaders. They will not yield to their intimidations and threats. The end of brutal killings of mineworkers in Marikana is approaching. Mineworkers are ready to expose their lies and have vowed not to be brainwashed and manipulated again.

For more information, please contact:

Richard Mahoa:
NUM Rustenburg
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NUM National
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