COSATU to hold a picket at Parliament against job losses

COSATU Western Cape is shocked by the recent trend of retrenchments in the mining sector, and the call of Government to lay off in access on 30 000 Government employees.

To voice our concern, COSATU will be having a “Save our Jobs” protest at Parliament on Wednesday 29 August 2018 from 06H30.

The protest is to demand from Government to put a moratorium on job losses and also to put in place urgent steps to stop the job losses and to create more jobs.

COSATU is also calling on Government to urgently convene the long awaited Jobs Summit.

A memorandum will be handed over to Government on the Job losses at Parliament at 07:00

The COSATU Provincial Leadership will address the media at 06H45

For questions call Malvern De Bruyn @ 081 325 9647