COSATU NW welcomes the appointment of the NEW EXCO to take forward the 6th administration

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the North West welcomes and congratulate the newly appointed provincial executive council of the North West provincial administration.

This council is constituted by men and women who bring with them a plethora of skills; knowledge and experience to run this province for the coming five years.

We want to take this opportunity to remind the new EXCO that they are inheriting a province, which has been marred with serious challenges. We, therefore, call on all of them to fold up their sleeves and hit the ground running to address all the challenges facing the province.

As COSATU we expect the 6th administration to address the following three things with immediate effect:

1.    To grow the economy of the province in the manner that it will create jobs and improve the livelihood of the people of this province

2.    To provide quality service in the manner that will address the challenges of access to clean drinking water; twenty-four-hour access to fully resourced health service and reliable supply of energy

3.    To revitalise the infrastructure of the province in that they will address the backlog of the roads in the province as a whole

We believe that if the three things can be addressed the province will see a substantial decline on the so-called service delivery protests and this will give space for the administration to focus on the work of the government.

We also, note that the three above form part of the priorities of the ANC manifesto and this is the basis that the people of the North West have elected the ANC to continue to govern them.

COSATU would also like to that to take this opportunity to congratulate the ANC on winning the elections despite the decline in the percentage and the voter turnout. We call on the ANC to consider this decline as a warning from the people of this province and the country at large. This then calls for the ANC to do thing differently; better and faster to restore to the confidence of our people back to their glorious movement.

We also, congratulate all the comrades who have been deployed as MP’s and MPL’s and we call on all of them to execute their task with the necessary precision that the revolution would require on them.

For more information feel free to contact the provincial chairperson comrade Solly Lekhu at 982 512 9645