DENOSA applauds Northern Cape Premier for his recent brave moves which will benefit health services

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) would like to applaud the recent bold moves and unorthodox decisions taken by the Premier of Northern Cape, Dr Zamani Saul, which have come to benefit communities handsomely in the form of 27 new ambulances so far which will improve healthcare services to the people. 

We hope other premiers and MECs in other provinces will be inspired by this selfless leadership style and change the lives of the people for the better. 

Soon after he was inaugurated as Premier recently, he announced that members of the executive will not be bought new cars and that, instead, monies allocated for buying of new cars for MECs will be used to buy ambulances. 

It is heartening to learn that, already, he has made good of that promise and that it was not a mere political speak. So far, 27 ambulances have been bought in the province. This is humbling and DENOSA would like to congratulate the Premier for this bold move. His commitment is that by the end of this financial year, a total of 63 ambulances would have been procured. 

Moreover, it is pleasing that the premier is in the process of moving funds from vacant funded positions in other departments to fund critical unfunded vacancies in the Department of Health in the province. This is leadership at its best, and it does not come by very often these days. 

As a matter of context, Northern Cape has been plagued by severe shortage of ambulances for a long time, as many ambulances are broken down due to ageing and long distances that they have to cover as the province is vast. Just last week, community members in Rietfontein, which borders Namibia and Botswana, embarked on a protest demanding an ambulance since the nearest ambulance was located 280 kilometres away in Upington. Transporting of patients in the province has proven to be a serious challenge, because most transports are old and not as well-maintained. 

A week before the elections, a patient transport was involved in an accident at Springbok in the Namaqualand region; and last week another patient transport got involved in an accident in Barkley West. 
DENOSA is humbled by this people-centred kind of leadership which is surely destined to improve the lives of people if it is sustained and expanded into the whole country. DENOSA in Northern Cape is committed to working closely with him whenever the need arises, and welcomes both the premier and the MEC of Health in their positions in the province. 
His leadership style is a breath of fresh air where opulence has come to be a norm in holding high political positions while people are struggling to have their basic needs and services fulfilled. 

As an organisation, we always raise complaints about the ailing infrastructure and lack of resources for health workers in healthcare facilities. But whenever some of these areas have been addressed, we admit, we hardly applaud and acknowledge the good work and commitment to solving the problem. Thank you to the premier.

Issued by the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) 

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