SADTU Gauteng is deeply concerned about the rising appalling levels of destruction of property at various institutions across the province. The latest burning of Soshanguve High school is the twenty second incident of vandalism meted out at schools by criminal elements roaming within our communities. It is apparent that the perpetrators of this barbaric acts are taking advantage of the quietness brought about by the national lockdown regulations.

This is the fourth school in Soshanguve to be torched during this period. this points to a backward deliberate effort to destroy our children’s education by a criminal syndicate.

We call on all our communities to rise and work with the law enforcement institutions to wage war against this criminality in defence of our children’s future. SADTU’s I AM A SCHOOL FAN campaign seeks to rally society to protect schools from such despicable acts.

Further, we call the relevant state institutions to deploy the necessary resources to track and apprehend the perpetrators. The lockdown period demonstrates that the state has the capacity to respond comprehensively to dreadful situations.

Issued by 

Tseliso Ledimo-Provincial Secretary-0824594737