COSATU statement on the UIF’s decision to delay the payment of R1,4 billion to workers because of incomplete applications

COSATU is deeply alarmed by the report from the Unemployment Insurance Fund indicating that at least R1. 4 billion worth of UIF Covid-19 relief funds cannot be paid to 361 557 workers because their employers (55 169) have submitted incomplete applications.

This is a gross injustice to these workers and their families in their most desperate moment of need. The UIF and the Department must decisively and urgently deal with such callous employers. 

The UIF must email, SMS and call these employers to alert them of the need for them to correct or complete their applications. 

For those employers who still fail to comply with the legally binding Ministerial directive to apply for Covid-19 relief funds for their workers, then government must exercise their full authority under the Disaster Management Act Regulations and formally charge these companies with breaking the regulations and arrest the offending employers. 

The UIF must name and shame these companies. The UIF must go further and alert unions of these defaulting companies so that workers can be made aware of why they are not receiving what is due to them. 

Finally, in the event of those employers who are devoid of any sense of conscience, the UIF must find ways to complete the applications with the assistance of the affected workers and directly pay them what they are due. 

Workers should not be made to suffer because of the indifference of their bosses or the timidity of the state. 

Issued by COSATU
 Sizwe Pamla (Cosatu National Spokesperson)

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