COSATU PEC Statement

The Congress of South African Unions in Gauteng convened the last Provincial Executive Committee meeting of 2020 to assess progress since the last PEC. The meeting received reports on political and socio-economic overview, organisational work, and governance.


The PEC noted the disturbing political developments in the province, which include deep-seated factional battles in the ANC. These serious organisational challenges in the ANC require collective alliance wisdom to stop the organisation from imploding. This paralysis affects the entire alliance, and an urgent provincial Alliance Political Council needs to be convened to explore solutions.


The PEC acknowledged and honoured all frontline workers for serving South Africans under difficult COVID-19 conditions. The meeting resolved to develop a suitable program to honour frontline workers. We also are deeply concerned about the ongoing jobs bloodbath in the province.  


The PEC noted the reshuffling of the Gauteng Executive Committee by Premier, David Makhura and welcomed and endorsed the redeployment of comrade Park Tau as the MEC of Economic Development. His experience will assist the province to rebuild the economy and stabilize the ANC politically.

 This reshuffling was as a result of robust consultations with the alliance and the Premier is applauded for implementing the decision of the alliance. The PEC welcomed the resignation of the former Provincial Secretary, Dumisani Dakile in the legislature for redeployment in the office of the Premier as the Special Advisor on the economy. Comrade Dumisani Dakile has shown revolutionary discipline and his understanding of the meaning of deployment, he is a true cadre of the movement par-excellence and most comrades should emulate him. With his level of experience and dedication to the revolution as well as collaboration and link with the Department of Economic Development, he will add much-needed value to the economic development of the province.

The PEC condemned the ANC on the statement it released on the resignation of comrade Dumisani Dakile without providing his new role. This in the view of PEC sought to undermine COSATU and the alliance decision to address governance and political challenges in Gauteng.


The PEC appreciated the growth of the Federation in Gauteng and concluded that this growth is as a result the hegemony of COSATU amongst workers. The PEC reasserted its conclusion that COSATU is the only workers federation in South Africa that is capable of representing the interests of workers.

 The PEC reiterated its position to defend collective bargaining and the Labour Relations Act. Much as Resolution 1 of 2018 is before the court, any judgement against the implementation of this resolution will be met with anger from workers.

Noting and observing the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence the PEC reiterated the escalation of its campaigns against this barbaric act. We implore all workers to be vigilant and fight gender-based violence and bias everywhere it rears its head by breaking silence.

In conclusion, the PEC resolved that the 2021 May Day will be celebrated in West Rand. The preparations and mobilization for this activity will start in earnest in January 2021.

Issued by COSATU

Provincial Chairperson: Amos Monyela – 079 493 5002

Provincial Secretary: Louisa Modikwe – 066 182 2402