The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union in the Northern Cape is angered by the continued thuggery, arrogance and preferential treatment of Brigadier Basson

 We have learned with dismay and disappointment on the continued arrogance and lack of observing employers polices by the head of legal service (Brigadier Basson) who damaged a police vehicle whilst on duty, it was reported that a marked Police vehicle from Dog Unit drove through a road block on 23 January 2021 approximately at 14:30, Brigadier Basson and other members were on duty, Brigadier Basson threw a brick at the Police vehicle damaging the vehicle and injuring a Police dog whilst he was on duty, a case of malicious damage to property has been opened against Brigadier Basson, however knowing how the SAPS operates all effort(s) will be put in place to intimidate/influence witnesses in an effort to protect Brigadier Basson, hence as POPCRU we call for the immediate suspension of Brigadier Basson pending the finalisation of the case.

 Brigadier Basson was charged for misconduct in 2018 after assaulting the Provincial Secretary of POPCRU in the Province on 02 February 2018, he was charged with conducting himself in an improper and unacceptable manner and Assault, the staged managed disciplinary hearing, only found Brigadier Basson guilty on a  lesser charge and was given a sanction of one month suspension without salary  emanating from the incident, however unlike other senior managers cases in SAPS were the employer does not agree with the outcome of a disciplinary hearing such outcome is reviewed however in this instance the employer never had such enthusiasm.

 Emanating from the same incident Brigadier Basson opened counter cases of Theft and Corruption respectively against the Provincial Secretary  and the Full Time Shopsteaward (Mbabali Mkhontwan) of POPCRU both cases were dismissed by the Director of Public Prosecution.  We know the cases were only opened as a defence to the assault criminal case opened by the Provincial Secretary of POPCRU against Basson.  We will not be surprised if Brigadier Basson open similar baseless cases against the member of the dog unit including the dog, hoping that the Director of Public Prosecution will decline to prosecute all cases.

 We encourage the Director of Public Prosecutions, the National Prosecuting Authority and the South Africa Police Service to investigate the practice of perpetrators of crime opening counter cases against complainants with the sole purpose of evading prosecution and accountability, we further call on the management of SAPS not to give Brigadier Basson state protection and to expeditiously charge Brigadier Basson with misconduct, hoping that this time around objective and courageous members of the SAPS will be appointed to investigate, initiate and Preside over the hearing of Brigadier Basson. 

 We have noted the developments at the State capture inquiry in particular the damning testimony against the National Commissioner of Correctional Services.  We reiterate our call as POPCRU that the President must remove the national Commissioner of Correctional Services with immediate effect as the rot that was happening under his stewardship whilst at State Security Agency (SSA) is continuing unabated at Correctional Services.

 POPCRU remains aware that institutional racism will take time to be eradicated in the state/government and private companies were black workers continue to be subjected to unfair processes at the workplace we will continue to fight all forms of victimisation, bullying and unfair labour practice(s) against all workers in the sectors we organise and beyond.

Boitumelo Pheleo

POPCRU Provincial Secretary

053-8332464 0824924916