The National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union [NEHAWU]is appalled by the extension of the executive order of the United States government against Venezuela that serves to further harm the people of Venezuela and is a complete violation of Human Rights.

The United States of America (USA) has renewed the executive order 13962 of March 8, 2015. The executive purports that Venezuela is a threat to Washington’s national security and foreign policy, and thus justifies the unjust provisions to promote a regime change in Venezuela and to continue the inhumane financial blockade on Venezuela.

We reject the extension of the Executive Order of the U.S. government that considers Venezuela a threat to its national security and foreign policy. Through its executive order the US is applying unfair unilateral coercive measures against the Bolivarian people.

Following the order signed by then-President Barack Obama, the United States intensified its attacks in order to cause the collapse of the country’s economy and stimulate a regime change. We know all too well that the US is after the natural resources of the Venezuela.

We are against these inhumane antics by the US government to steal from the Venezuelans and impose their own selfish leadership. We condemn these actions with the highest contempt and call on the international world, progressive organisations and unions to speak out against the constant human right violations by the USA and the consistent bullying of innocent people of Venezuela.


Issued by NEHAWU Secretariat

Zola Saphetha (General Secretary) at 082 558 5968; December Mavuso (Deputy General Secretary) at 082 558 5969; Lwazi Nkolonzi (NEHAWU National Spokesperson) at 081 558 2335 or email: