Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Federation are
1.4.1 to fight for worker rights by – securing social and economic justice for all workers; understanding how the economy of the country affects workers and
formulating clear policies on how the economy should be restructured in the interests of the working class; restructuring the economy to allow the creation of wealth to be
democratically controlled and its fruits shared among the working class; striving for just standards of living, social security and fair conditions of work for all; advancing or opposing any law, action or policy of any authority or body affecting the interests of affiliates in particular, or the working class in
general; facilitating and coordinating education and training of all workers so as to further the interests of the working class; and conducting, coordinating and publishing research into matters affecting workers;
1.4.2 to build solidarity by: encouraging all workers to join progressive and democratic trade unions and striving for a united working class movement regardless of race, colour, creed or sex;
1.4.3 to encourage industrial unions by: forming broadly based industrial unions in all industries where none exist; and assisting unions operating in the same industry to merge into broadly based industrial unions;
1.4.4 to support affiliates by: encouraging co-operation among affiliates; coordinating joint activities; creating a forum to achieve common goals and perform such actions as are necessary to achieve these goals; resolving disputes between affiliates and within the Federation; and instituting or defending legal proceedings affecting affiliates or the
1.4.5 to manage finances and assets by: raising and acquiring funds by affiliation fees or by any other legal means in order to further these aims and objectives; and purchasing, leasing, hiring or acquiring any movable and immovable property and rights which the Federation may deem necessary; and
1.4.6 to pursue any action which may be in the interests of the Federation and its affiliates and which are consistent with this Constitution.