Contact Union

AbbreviationFull NameTelephoneWebsite
AFADWUAgricultural Food and Allied Democratic Workers Union011 492 0102
CEPPWAWUChemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers Union010
CWUCommunications Workers Union011 720 0360/
DENOSADemocratic Nurses of South Africa012 343
NEHAWUNational, Education, Health and Allied Workers Union011 833
NUMNational Union of Mineworkers011 377 2002/
NTMNational Taxi Movement011 394 8032
PAWUSAPaper and Allied Workers Union of South Africa021 424 2055/
POPCRUPolice and Prison Civil Rights Union011 242
SACCAWUSouth African Commercial, Catering and Allied workers Union011 403 0852/
SACTWUSouthern African Clothing and Textile Workers Union021 447 4570
SADTUSouth African Democratic Union011 971
SAEPOSouth African Emergency Personnel Organization076 478 1064
SASBOSouth African Society of Bank Officials011 467 0192/3/
SAMASouth African Medical Association012 481
SAMWUSouth African Municipal Workers Union011 100 2621
SATAWUSouth African Transport and Allied Workers Union011 403
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