SADTU North West calls for calm and non-violence in schools as teachers face onslaught from learners and communities

SADTU in the North West has noted with great shock and concern the sporadic violence in our schools and physical attacks on teachers. The latest incident happened at Rearabilwe Secondary School in Ntsweletsoku, Zeerust area last Friday. Two learners, who were suspended for violating the school’s code of conduct, mobilised and attacked the educators in the school premises.

As SADTU North West we are vehemently opposed to the attack and use of violence against educators.

We strongly condemn any form of violence committed by learners for whatever reason. We were reliably informed that a hit list has been developed to harass and physically attack the educators. We have strongly advocated for safety of educators and learners in our institutions. We call on parents and the community at large to actively take responsibility for their children at schools and, through SQLTC structures, invite the relevant stakeholders to remedy the situation in our schools.

We h not allow Internal Departmental processes to be followed to investigate the allegations. The Principal of Odi Primary School in Brits was kicked out of the school amidst those allegations. We call the Department of Education and Sports Development to swiftly move in and address these particular challenges.

The other emergave also observed new tendencies as communities in certain sections in the Province accuse principals of maladministration but doing tendency is the questioning of the credibility of the selection and recruitment process of principals like it is currently happening at Barelwanedi Primary School in Bojanala District. We are disturbed that some parents and a “rented mob” are disturbing proper learning and teaching by intimidating the Principal at Barelwanedi Primary School.

Our view that people, who are aggrieved, should follow proper procedures and refrain from using force and threatening our educators. Educators, like any other persons, are human beings. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity; this cannot happen in the month when the country is celebrating human rights.

We call on the Department in the Province to address issues of safety in our schools, take corrective disciplinary processes against those learners and provide social security measures and counselling sessions to educators and learners in the affected schools.

ISSUED BY: SADTU North West Secretariat


Provincial Secretary: George Els Themba 071 385 4659
Deputy Provincial Secretary: Masaele Cindi 082 809 0064