COSATU condemns Golden Arrow Bus Services for failing commuters and workers

COSATU condemns Golden Arrow Bus services for the disdain that they are showing to the commuters. Many people, in good faith, buy a Golden Arrow ticket for the week and the company is obliged to provide the service to them.
The company has the ability to arrange for Metrorail to accept the bus tickets on their trains, the same way that Metrorail arranges for the company to accept their train tickets on their busses. It is only because of the contempt they have for workers and commuters that they have not made these similar arrangements.
The federation supports the striking workers in their wage demands and calls on government to nationalise Mass based Public Transport and to pay the workers decent wages. Strikes are however meant to put pressure on the bosses to pay decent salaries, not to put added pressure on the workers who are commuters, with no alternatives.
Issued by COSATU
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