DENOSA condemns the brutal killing of over 50 Palestinians by Israeli forces in Gaza

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) would like to condemn the killing of more than 50 Palestinians and injuring more than 2000 civilians by Israeli forces in Gaza yesterday and commend South African government for withdrawing the South African ambassador from Israel.

DENOSA further calls on South African government to remove the Israeli ambassador from South Africa with immediate effect.

More concerning to DENOSA is the fact that the injured civilians will be taken care of in the Palestine’s already stretched healthcare facilities while Israel will not incur any costs in this regard but they are the main cause of this tragedy.

While we condemn what the Israeli forces have done, unfortunately we cannot take away our eyes off the US for ruffling the feathers by relocating its embassy offices from Tel Aviv to the contended Jerusalem while it claims to be intervening in the Palestine/Israel stand-off over Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the main is the bone of contention between both Israel and Palestine, and for Israel to use armed forces and live ammunition towards peaceful protesters on Palestinian land is just unacceptable and downright bullying.

DENOSA hopes that the US will come forward and defuse the situation that has emerged as a direct result of its opening of embassy offices in Jerusalem, thus siding with Israel.

DENOSA hopes the United Nations will see the need to intervene urgently before more Palestinians lose their lives in what is surely becoming a genocide.

DENOSA Central Executive Committee (CEC) held in February this year resolved that South Africa should withdraw its ambassador from Israel and that South Africa should expel the Israel ambassador from South Africa until the Gaza Strip matter is handled responsibly by Israel.

DENOSA joins forces with the international community in condemning the heavy-handedness of Israel and its suppression of peaceful protests by Palestinians.

Issued by the Democratic Nursing Organisatin of South Africa (DENOSA)

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DENOSA Acting General Secretary
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