A construction worker is fatally injured at Corrobrick Construction Company

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) in the PWV Region is shocked and greatly concerned after it received news of a fatal incident that took the life of one of its members at Corrobrick Construction company at its Rietvlei operations. A 29 years old deceased who was at the time on duty, doing a night shift on 16 May 2018 was apparently fatally crashed by the bricks in the plant at approximately 01h00 am.

“What is more disturbing is the fact that none of the other workers who were on shift appear to have witnessed the incident when it occurred, and the circumstances surrounding this incident are themselves very confusing and leaves more questions than answers to us. When we leave our families to workplaces every time, we do so in an effort to make a living and better our living conditions and those of our families and not sacrifice our lives,” said Ndlela Radebe, NUM PWV Regional Chairperson.

“The NUM will follow the developments from here onwards very closely and participate in the process of uncovering the truth about this fatality. We are hoping that Section 31 of the OHSACT Investigation by the Department of Labour (DOL) will do justice in uncovering what really caused this horrible incident and find the real cause of this fatality. We hope as well that the DoL will conduct this investigation promptly and effectively so that nothing can be tempered with by anyone who might attempt to conceal the truth. Whilst searching for answers regarding the astonishing incident,” Radebe added.

he NUM expresses its sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased and all workers who were affected by his death at our Corrobrick Branch.

For more information, Please contact:

Ndlela Radebe: NUM PWV Regional Chairperson: 076 650 6661