LIMUSA supports the action taken by workers in Swaziland

The Liberated Metalworkers Union of South Africa is pleased to note the recent demonstration by workers in Swaziland. We are pleased that amidst the cruel and intensified level of oppression in Swaziland, workers still find the strength of uniting in action against the cruel regime of the monarch.

King Mswati has now turned into Africa’s own one of a kind Hitler. The Nazi holocaust is known for annihilating anybody that the Nazis esteemed “bothersome.” This is additionally the case in Swaziland; the government is currently eager to kill anybody that is an aggravation, anybody that is unwanted and any voice that looks to uncover him. This has been exhibited in the ongoing capture of the leader of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT), Comrade Maxwell Myeni, and the shooting of peaceful protesters with live bullets. Comrade Myeni is now out on bail because of the struggles of workers and another worker has been charged for an allegation that he refused to talk.

This is shocking because the government has not found any wrong doing by workers who were marching. Therefore, there is no logic on why workers were shot at with live ammunition and why those who led such actions were arrested and released on bail. The fact that Swaziland still harbour in its constitution the notion of detention without trial has allowed the King to deal with whoever challenges his authority.

We are closely monitoring the situation in Swaziland. It is well-known that at whatever point there are such demonstrations, the regime will dependably try to either damage or execute workers. We know about the Royal Lukhozi arm of the police in Swaziland, known for its torment of detainees who more often than not end up dead. We know that such merciless powers will be sent to devastate innocent workers in Swaziland as they challenge calmly.

We wish to state our full support of all the demonstrations by workers in recent days and equally the intended protest action today by health care sector employees who will be demanding quality health care for patients against the current institutionalized genocide in Swaziland.

We will continue to engage all progressive forces in Swaziland and equally engage those who are in South Africa on the progress of these peaceful demonstration. We shall not fold our arms, we will call for all companies trading in Swaziland to be boycotted and denounce all those who are in business with the King.


Issued by LIMUSA.


For more information contact:

Dloze Matooane (National Spokesperson)

065 819 6793/ 082 692 0127 or email: