COSATU Free State supports Lesotho Association for Teachers in the court case

COSATU in the Free State province extends its support to the educators in Lesotho as they seek to advance and consolidate their rights as professional workers. The educators led by our sister union Lesotho Association of Teachers (LAT) would be at the high court today to challenge the decision of the Directorate for Dispute Prevention and Reconciliation (DDPR) to deny them the right to strike. We support the demands for workers as the fight for the following issues:

  • Non availability of sufficient teaching and learning materials thus making it difficult for educators to teach and for learners to learn
  • Non payment of allocation schools by the Department of Education thereby making it difficult for schools to function properly ,as they are not able to pay for basic necessities like electricity
  • The right to be issued with salary advices so that each educator can know how much she/he is earning, as well as how much has been deducted from the earnings and for what purpose. This is critical so that the workers can also know how much they continue to contribute towards their retirement.
  • The development of a career friendly organizational structure which encourages and motivates educators ,as they go along to perform their day to day tasks of educating the future nation of the Mountain Kingdom.

It is our view that the demands of the workers are intended to improve the learning and teaching environment and not only centred on the needs of workers. We urge the community to support these progressive issues, which are intended to benefit the learners as well.

We empathize with the plight of the educators in Lesotho and we put our weight and support behind them as they continue to fight for their rights. We welcome the joint approach of both LAT and Lesotho Teachers Trade Union (LTTU) to confront the issues of their members and we implore on them to prioritise their unity as they move forward.

The struggle for international solidarity continues!

Issued by COSATU Free State

Enquiries Provincial Secretary Monyatso oa Mahlatsi @ 010 219 1373 or 076 115 9923