COSATU is gravely concerned about the suspension of the PRASA/ Metrorail safety permits

Cosatu in the Western Cape is deeply concerned about the latest decision by the Rail Safety Regulator to suspend the Safety Permits of Prasa and Metro Rail without considering the effect it will have on thousands of commuters, who are depending on the rail system. Workers won’t be able to afford alternative transport and they will also start losing money for being late at work. They also run the risks of losing their jobs, while people are playing politics with the lives of the commuters.

The Rail Safety Regulator should deal with those Regions that are not complying with safety regulations, because we can’t have a situation where all Regions be punished by their unfortunate decision to suspend the safety permits. Cosatu believe that the safety of commuters must come first but we can’t have a scenario where a blanket suspension be issued at the expense of all.

COSATU anxiously awaits the court ruling on this matter, scheduled for Thursday and herewith demand that the Minister of Transport intervene immediately to resolve the impasse between the parties.

For enquiries:  Malvern De Bruyn 081 325 9647 and Motlatsi Tsubane 074 482 6180