LIMUSA sets the record straight on its President

The Liberated Metalworkers Union of South Africa wishes to correct malicious reports that has appeared in various newspapers on Tuesday, 30 October, that its President misled the National Office Bearers (NOBs) and negotiated a package behind their backs.

The truth is that the employer had put the offer on the table that was formally rejected on a number of occasions. After a few engagements by Mr. Masilo, an attorney from Cheadle, Thompson and Haysons (CTH) who represented our President, he (Mr. Masilo) approached National Office Bearers to tell us we had a winnable case against the employer of the President, however the President has indicated the will to consider the package that employers had always been putting on the table.

The NOB as a collective did not agree for the President to take a package because the union had a better chance of success but after it became clear the President had serious pressures to accept the package. Therefore, we relented and accepted that he was taking the package.

The union was left with no option but start discussions on what to do with the position of the President which had to be occupied by a worker in the industry. Cde President was offering to step down as a President but we thought as a qualified technician, finding a job in the sector will not be hard, so the NOBs decided to recommend to the NEC that we do not relieve the President of his duties, instead we encourage him to find employment in the sector and continue to be the President.

The NEC accepted the NOB recommendation in the interest of building the union. The high rate of unemployment has meant that two years after the President accepted a package; he has not found employment in the sector.

The union is dealing with the matter that relates to compliance with Department of Labour and compliance with the laws of the country which is of paramount importance to LIMUSA. As LIMUSA, we have always complied with the Labor Relations Act (LRA) and all the applicable legislation for trade unions. We are confident that the coming Central Committee will take an appropriate decision in the best interest of organization on the matter.

We further condemn the faceless leaders that have taken the internal matters to the media.

Issued by the Secretariat.
For more information contact:
Cedric Gina (General Secretary)
083 364 7977

Dloze Matooane (National Spokesperson)