The Democratic Alliance led Western Cape government has no regard for the public’s view on education

SADTU Western Cape is not surprised that the Provincial Legislature, led by Premier Helen Zille, passed the Western Cape Schools Amendment Bill.

The Union is however horrified by the implication this anti-education legislation will have on education in the province. The passing of the Bill is a smack in the face of all the people of the province who all rejected it at the “mock” public hearings held throughout the Western Cape. At none of these “window dressing” hearings did anyone speak in favour of the Bill.

This Bill undermines collective bargaining, Section 23. 5 which is entrenched in the South African Constitution. The establishment of the School Evaluation Authority undermines ELRC Resolution 8/2003 which binds the WCED.

The province is abdicating its responsibility to provide Quality Public Education through the introduction of collaboration schools. Partners to the schools use their money to govern these schools thus undermining the voice of the parents.

How can the province make regulations on the promotion and progression of learners when this is a national competency? Learners in the Western Cape can have a lower pass requirement than learners in the other provinces.

This Bill now makes it legal for schools to sell alcohol on their premises; how absurd?

These are some of the ridiculous laws the DA government has passed in the legislature yesterday.

SADTU has no choice but to seek legal advice on the matter and to embark on a campaign to resist this draconian bill.

For further information, please contact

Jonavon Rustin Provincial Secretary 0836335714
Sibongile Kwazi Deputy Provincial Secretary 0836278006