COSATU Gauteng statement on the slow process of student placement in the province

COSATU in Gauteng is worried by the slow placement of learners in Gauteng. The federation appreciates progress made in improving education in the province. We are also aware that many learners and parents wishes to attend school in Gauteng because of the success the province has achieved in education over the years.

Much as the federation appreciates various factors that contribute to hundreds of learners not placed every year around this time, which includes but not limited to relocation of parents, growing immigration to Gauteng and reluctance by other school to accept learners, it cannot be correct that this phenomenon happens every year. What is troubling is that the most negatively affected by this sluggish process are the working class children.

The late placement of learners points to poor planning and cooperation by the Gauteng Department of Education and parents. This is going to leave many students still wandering around at a time when other learners are already studying.

COSATU calls all stakeholders, which includes parents, school governing bodies, teacher unions and government to sit around the table and develop a plan to deal with this matter. The federation will also engage the Gauteng Department of Education to decipher problems on learner placement and any other factor that might pose threats to schooling.

We are pleased though by the progress made with regard to the starting of teaching and learning on the first day of school in many schools in Gauteng. We are also excited by the moral of many teachers and the contribution of our affiliated union South African Democratic Teachers Union in improving education in mostly working class communities.

We will further engage with SADTU on matters that would require urgent attention from their side, which would also require the intervention of the federation. We wish all learners and stakeholders in education in Gauteng yet another successful year of teaching and learning.

We also want to make a call and plead with all communities and political parties in Gauteng that it is not revolutionary to vent their service delivery frustrations and politicking towards the disruption of teaching and learning. COSATU in Gauteng will also meet with SANCO to develop a program of how to deal with service delivery challenges without interrupting schooling in our province.

For more information please call COSATU Gauteng Secretary Dumisani Dakile 082 727 1422 – or Chairperson Amos Monyela 076 636 0920/079 493