COSATU Statement on the Terror Attacks in Kenya

COSATU condemns in the strongest terms the terror attacks at the Dusit Complex in Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday, 15 January 2019 which claimed at least 15 innocent lives and left many others injured. 

We wish all the injured people a speedy and complete recovery. We are encouraged by the quick and effective response by the security forces in Kenya as they acted swiftly to contain the situation and safeguard civilians.

COSATU extends its heartfelt condolences to our sister federation COTU-Kenya, the families of those who lost their lives during this senseless murderous spree and the whole peoples and government of Kenya. 

What happened in Kenya should never happen again anywhere. This type of evil is a serious setback for development; therefore, it needs to be dealt with decisively once and for all.

Where there is instability there is no room for any kind of growth. Africans should and must terminate the notion that the continent is a breeding ground for such murderous and senseless behaviour. 

This incident reminds all of us that the fight against terrorism needs everyone to work in unity. We commend the civilians who were courageous in responding to the crisis and who worked together protect one another.

Kenyans have assured all of us that in times of crisis they have each other’s back and that is the essence Ubuntu that we can all learn from.This particular experience of Kenya reminds us that we all have a responsibility and are duty bound in ensuring terror doesn’t happen in our watch and in our time.

There is no place for terror in Africa and together learning from these experiences, we must secure ourselves to prevent such from recurring anywhere else in the continent and around the world.

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