LIMUSA condnms lies peddled by Theo Mahlakoana of Business Day

As Limusa we are very disappointed by the unfortunate article of Business day of 30 January 2019. When the family and all of us are mourning the passing of our General Secretary, then someone decides to play games and lie about Limusa and Cosatu using the name of our comrade.

It is not our intention to argue with this person of Theto but it is important to clarify the public on lies in that article. It is not true that comrade Cedric was kicked out of Limusa, instead comrade Cedric requested to be released by the union.

Theto and the Business day must provide proof that there were individuals within the union who fundraised in the name of Cde Cedric and money didn’t reach him so that the union will deal with those individuals decisively, otherwise, they must publicly apologize for spreading lies that seek to divide the union.

Without fear of contradiction, we want to put on record thatLimusa and Cosatu were there trying to help the situation of comrade Cedric, and we were in touch with the family in what we were doing and therefore we dismiss with contempt the malicious lies of Theto.

It is really inhumane for Theto to play cheap divisive politics with the name of our former General Secretary while the family is still mourning. In respect of the Gina family, we would not want to say more about this matter.

Issued by Limusa Secretariat
General Secretary
Contact details: 072 386 4932/ 081 348 0439