COSATU salutes and congratulates workers for a successful National Strike

The Congress of South African Trade Unions salutes and applaud the thousands of workers, who withdrew their labour yesterday and participated in the COSATU led National Strike. The strike communicated an unmistakable message to the political and business elite that the workers are ready to fight back.

COSATU’s capacity to mobilise remains unmatched and we are grateful to our affiliated unions for mobilising workers and transporting them to the marches. Typically, the strike was characterised by elevated discipline, unmistakable passion and a positive atmosphere.

We will continue to marshal the progressive forces and push back against this neoliberal onslaught that is directed at the working class. We shall work to sharpen and intensify our tactics to fight against this barefaced exploitation. Big business and government should know that workers are running out of patience and they demand real change now.

The federation proved once again that it remains a mandate-driven organisation because when the workers demanded a strike against job losses and privatisation, the Central Executive Committee obliged. It is indisputable that COSATU remains a social force for change and is a home for all workers.

The strike also unambiguously reaffirmed the character of COSATU, as a militant, radical and class oriented federation of trade unions. We are committed to continuing with the task given to us by the 13th National Congress; to build a COSATU whose influence on society remains based on its organised power and its capacity to mobilise. We will continue to roll-out our socio-economic programmes, lobby and mobilise in support of our pro-poor policies.

Our federation will continue to remain occupied with the immediate concerns of our members, as well as with the broader social and political issues.

While also remain committed to serving the interests of not just our members but of all the workers. We shall continue to work for the unity of the workers and the working class.

Issued by COSATU
Sizwe Pamla (National Spokesperson)
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