DENOSA North West response to the statement by the provincial Department on the payment of Rural Allowance to nurses in the province

Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) in North West is disturbed by what we view as irresponsible utterances by  the provincial Department of Health, through a statement, in relation to payment of Rural Allowance to nurses in the province when it has been standing in the way of this matter being resolved successfully at the arbitration process.

In its mischievous statement, the North West Department of Health urges that “eligible” nurses who are not paid Rural Allowance must approach them so that they can be clarified.

The department raised a sensitive aspect of “eligible nurse”, that they are aware should have been dealt with and clarified by the PHSDSBC by 11 April, which they asked for it to be postponed. And now they find the mischievous courage to commit to paying all “eligible” nurses and say nothing about the dispute that is currently with the Commissioner.

DENOSA North West is calling the Department of health to refrain from misleading our nurses with this matter. We don’t want to engage on the merits of this case because we believe that it is still under juris. Our nurses must not be derailed by the statement issued by the Department of health North West. If the Department is prepared to declare war with DENOSA it must be clear to us as the organisation, without misleading the poor workers. If it needs clarity they know where to find us.

DENOSA is a fully recognised trade union within the health sector and it must not be treated as if it is not recognised. We are representing our nurses and we will continue to do so without fear or favour.

Can they put it on record which case was ever lodged with them and it was resolved to the satisfaction of complainants? As the organisation, we are so disappointed that they don’t even know the process to be followed by our members who happen to be their employees in disputing resolutions passed by the bargaining chamber. Resolution 2 of 2004 is the PHSDSBC resolution and its interpretation and application can be ruled by the commissioner of the chamber.

We are observing the arrogant behaviour of the Department of health closely. We call on our members to not despair. DENOSA North West is still handling this matter and members will be notified of its outcomes.


Issued by the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) in North West

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Sibongiseni Delihlazo

Communications Manager