COSATU statement on the appointment of the New Cabinet

The Congress of South African Trade Unions welcomes the New Cabinet that forms the six administration led by Comrade President Cyril Ramaphosa. We congratulate all the newly appointed Ministers and Deputy Ministers and we wish them well in their new positions. We applaud the President’s transparency, and willingness to consult the Alliance partners and other stakeholders over the appointment of the Cabinet and other preceding appointments at the provincial level. This openness has been a breath of fresh air, very much in the spirit of renewal and unity.

The Federation welcomes the reduction of the size of the cabinet but we are calling on government departments to ensure that there are no retrenchments during the realignment and unification of departments. Dislocated workers need to be accommodated during this period so that their livelihoods are not negatively affected.

While we are not happy with every single appointment, overall this is a very well-balanced government which reflects the spirit and themes of a New Dawn. COSATU hopes that the newly appointed ministers and their deputies appreciate the urgency of the situation and that they will focus on the key priorities promised to the people.

Many poor people are angry because important and progressive policies that could have helped to tackle our crisis of unemployment; inequality and poverty have been promised without being implemented after elections in the past.

We hope that the new ministers will not let business interests influence government policy but that they will also be guided by the spirit and progressive policies of Nasrec.

We challenge this new administration to lead the fight against crass materialism and corruption. We hope that this administration will represent a turning point against the scourge of corruption, use of patronage, use of state institutions for the agenda of personal accumulation and all these other practises that destroy the moral fibre of our society.

Over the next five years, COSATU will ensure that the working class takes a lead as we wage a struggle to create work and fight poverty. The working class and the poor have helped secure the ANC elections victory and the benefits beyond the elections must mostly go to the working class.

The ANC in its Manifesto and resolutions has articulated a programme of priorities to accelerate the transformation of our society. It is the contention of COSATU that without this thoroughgoing transformation of our society there will never be peace, stability, prosperity, and the better life for all that we strive for.

Issued by COSATU

Sizwe Pamla (Cosatu National Spokesperson)
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