SAEPO shocked by the escalating attacks on paramedics

South African Emergency Personnel’s Union (SAEPU) is shocked and deeply disappointed by the escalating attacks on paramedics. Last week a crew was attacked by armed men in Inanda and today we wake up to another attack that took place last night in Cardham, Phoenix in Kwazulu Natal.  

We are tired of talking about the same thing every day and here we are talking about people’s lives. Health MECs need to start taking the EMS Unit serious because what we are witnessing now is very unfortunate. Last week after the Inanda incident we have tried to locate MEC to accompany us to see the attacked crew in hospital but she was nowhere to be found. Today we wake up to another unfortunate incident, when we had an opportunity to sit down and come up with measures to stop this. It is unfortunate because these MECs understand the word ‘urgent’ when it involves them or their families.

We are going to withdraw our services during the night until we are sure that our EMS workers are protected.

Issued by Saepu

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