COSATU denounces the U.S’s attempt to buy off Palestinians with money

The Congress of South African Trade Unions is perturbed by the US’s Middle East Peace Plan. This deal is forcing Palestinians to buy a concealed item that is locked up in a box and then put their trust in the country that has been the source of their suffering, as a proud sponsor of Zionism for decades. Apartheid is ugly and must never be legitimised in any way, it must be called by its real name.

Since 1967,  the Palestinian situation has gotten worse with an increase in the repression of Palestinians, an increase in illegal settler communities, extension of land grabs and segregation policies; as well as mass killing of unarmed civilians that include children and women. This is happening in full view of the UN and the entire world. There are no repercussions for Israel and the US and they indulge in their absurd actions against Palestinians with impunity.

The US has the audacity of calling this Middle East Peace Plan “the deal of the century”, which is ridiculous when you consider that they are only proposing to buy Palestine with 28 billion dollars.  What this seeks to do is to kill the Palestinian peoples struggle to a point of no return. It will not only condone the killing of innocent and unarmed civilians, grabbing of Palestinian land and homes but also deny millions of Palestinian refugees the right of return. It has the potential to cement and legitimises the crimes already perpetrated against Palestinian people. This Israel government action violates the UN declaration,  as well as international law but this seems lost to the architects of this silly plan. This one-sided, ill-fated Peace-plan is an insult to all the Palestinian martyrs who paid the ultimate price in defence of their land.

We urge the people of the Middle East not to entertain this deal but to see it for what it is; an attempt to strip the Palestinian people of their dignity forever. Entertaining this deal or accepting it would be tantamount to selling out their brothers and sisters in Palestine.  In this regard, we call on them to add their weight to the growing movement that supports the struggle of Palestinians, which includes the Jewish people inside the occupied territories, who are not in agreement with atrocities their state has committed in their name. 

We urge them to demand the immediate end to the illegal settlements and killings in violation of international law.

We also, extend the call to our brothers and sisters in this continent to join us in the call for remedial action to be taken against Israel and its buddy the US, for warmongering and their role in perpetuating these hate crimes.

We look up to the South African Government to lead on this question, particularly since South Africa is uniquely placed as the one country that survived apartheid through international assistance.

COSATU rejects this plot and we remain resolute in support of the Palestinian cause and we will never be silenced on this issue. We remain strong in our support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) and all other efforts made in support of the cause.  COSATU and its affiliates have resolved to embark on a continuous picket campaign at the embassy and consulates of the US until the US stops its offensive against the Palestinians.

Issued by COSATU

 Sizwe Pamla (COSATU National Spokesperson)

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