COSATU Gauteng Statement on the State of the Province Address by Premier David Makhura

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in Gauteng welcomes the general thrust of the State of the Province Address by Premier David Makhura.

We appreciate the five points plan announced by the Premier.

This will go a long way to address the challenges raised by the people of Gauteng during the elections campaign. The federation is excited by the announcement of the following;

  • ·         Fast tracking of rapid land release;
  • ·         Job creation;
  • ·         Fighting corruption and lawlessness;
  • ·         Coordination with municipalities;
  • ·         Continuation of Ntirhisano;
  • ·         Continuation with the program of the township economy; and
  • ·         Collaboration with stakeholders.

The federation has acknowledged the progress made on jobs created, however the number of jobs created are less than the number of jobs lost during the same period. What gives us confidence in the mission by the Premier to create jobs are the identified economic sectors that will be treated as a priority.

The federation is perturbed though about the indecisiveness on the scrapping of the e-tolls. There is a clear paralysis by analysis on this question. There is nothing to talk about on this matter because the people of Gauteng have spoken and this dithering is a sign of a government that refuses to listen to the people.COSATU in the province has mandated our Tshwane Cluster to continue with mobilization of the campaign to scrap e-tolls.

The Premier and his administration can count on us as constructive partners but should also be aware that we will become formidable adversaries if they fail to honour their promises. We demand to see the formation of an Alliance led monitoring and evaluation process that will focus on the following;

·         Checking the alignment of plans with the alliance led manifesto;

·         Receive the reports on the implementation of the alliance led manifesto; and

·         Recommend consequence management for incompetent Members of the Executive amongst others.

The time for rhetoric and endless talking without implementation is over. The people are running out of patience and want results and not gimmicks and speeches. People must be ready to serve and also be held accountable for their actions.

Issued by COSATU Gauteng

For more information contact:

Amos Vusi Monyela

COSATU Gauteng Chairperson

Cell: 079 493 5002