LIMUSA Rejects Short-time plans by the company Frigo Glass

Liberated Metalworkers Union of South Africa (LIMUSA) condemns the plans  by  Frigo Glass to introduce unfair short-time at all costs. The company has been in consultation with unions regarding introduction of short-time and has informed the reasons for such short-time to be reduction of orders by Coca-Cola.

Upon our engagements and investigation, we have discovered that there no facts on reduction orders by Coca-Cola as per allegations by the company.  It has been came evident that these actions by the company are purely informed by maximization of profits by management.

We categorically reject the plans to introduce short-time in light of socio-economic difficulties confronting workers for reasons of maximisation of profits.        

Issued by LIMUSA in Gauteng 

For further details contact:

Provincial Secretary: Mpho Hlongwane

Cell: 081 232 5737

Tell: 011 339 2869