COSATU Gauteng statement on e-tolls

COSATU in Gauteng has noted the engagement between the Minister of Transport, OUTA and AA regarding the user payer system (e-tolls). We appreciate the reinforcement of stakeholder engagements as articulated by President Cyril Ramaphosa. COSATU has for the past eight years rejected this policy nightmare that has put a heavy burden on the shoulders of the bleeding workers, the working class and the people of Gauteng. We were delighted by the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa that both Ministers Tito Mboweni, Fikile Mbalula and Premier David Makhura should work together towards finding a lasting solution to this policy nightmare. Whilst we are waiting for a positive response by this troika to the President and Cabinet, we are worried about how this troika has conducted itself, particularly engaging some stakeholders and excluding others.

COSATU will however not going to worry much about not being engaged by the troika but will remind all of them that the e-tolls policy has political ramifications for the movement, the ANC in particular as reflected through 2016 local government elections and the 2019 May General elections. The troika should also be reminded that working-class and workers voted for ANC and would like to be engaged effectively on services which affect them directly.

The federation through its eight years-long campaign against the user-payer system was excited that at last the government of the people for the people has listened, however, the attitude of the troika muddies the whole engagements process. This campaign gained momentum to the point that it was supported by OUTA, the AA through research and the Alliance. It is unfortunate that the troika left COSATU from the engagements but we will accept nothing that falls short scrapping the e-tolls. If they fail, we will have an appointment with the troika and in particular Mbalula and Mboweni outside their Departments with a large contingent of members to demand answers.     

Issued by COSATU Gauteng

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