CEPPWAWU WITS Region members on Strike

Members of the Union in Wits Region are on a prolonged protected strike after the Union reached a deadlock on negotiations because of the employers being unreasonable difficult.

Bidvest Walton’s stationary part of the Bidvest Empire
The dispute between the Union and Bidvest Walton’s Stationary is because the company want the workers to work for 45 Hours a week, and refuses to be part of the Collective Bargaining as part of the main and core demands, this company that swim on government work is also refusing to pay workers a minimum of R6500 and a reasonable increase of 7.5%.
Bidvest Empire group even this day and age, want to pay slave wage and workers are prepared to be on strike until the employer comes into his senses.
Bidvest group, is well known for getting government jobs and we call on our government to exert more pressure to Bidvest.

Corruseal Group: Corrugated Gauteng plant in Wadeville
The dispute is on section 189a, a Mutual Interests issue, the employer not only is he retrenching the workers, but wants to dictate how to retrench the workers and is not prepared to listen to the Union.
The bourgeoisie-employer even though has already decided to retrench the workers on flimsy grounds which the Union has rejected as unsound and lack reasons.

All the employer wants at all costs; is maximum profit which the employer intends to get by hook or crook through reducing the workforce, and to overwork the remaining workers.
The Union, is convince that this is a clear case of super exploitation and abuse of a system and the law which favours the employer as the ruling class. The workers are prepared fight the employer to the very end.

Paarl Media group
The workers decided to go on a Strike because the employer has demonstrated in other division that he can afford as the employer has agreed to a much favourable conditions, yet in other division the employer want to give workers peanuts.

Yet, in another plant, the same boss negotiating with the same Union, want to give workers a mere minimum of R5500, on the side has agreed to a R7000 minimum wage.
The employer wants to give workers an increase of 4.7% yet the same employer has agreed to a 5% and above increase in another division. One side must get 11% shift allowance, while others are on 20%.
The workers are seeing through the irrationality of the employer and are demanding the same with other fellow workers.
The workers refuse to be divided over wages by one boss whose interest is only profit maximization and nothing else.

The same company print and get a lot of work from government, apart from private customers, which workers are fully aware of the workflow, costs and customers the company is getting.
The Wits Region workers are adamant that they will continue to fight these employers and they will remain resolute to their demands, as the demands are not unreasonable and they are affordable.
The Union call on the Government, Media, and the Community at large to support the Union and workers for a better and reasonable demands.

We are giving these companies few days to return to the negotiating table with better offers, otherwise we (as the Union) shall call and lobby our sister-Unions to join us on a sympathy or secondary strike.

For media enquiries, please contact: 04 September 2019 CEPPWAWU Wits Regional Secretary, Educated Thethelela Nkosi, +27 63 691 1957