The Gauteng Commission of Inquiry into taxi violence is a waste of time and money

COSATU Gauteng notes the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry to investigate the underlying causes and the people behind the ongoing killings in the taxi industry across the province. The idea is noble but out of sink with reality and a reflection of a government that is out of ideas to resolve the challenges facing our people across all sectors of the economy, the taxi industry included.

The Federation believes that the violence and killings in the taxi industry should be dealt with decisively and the people behind this should face the full might of the law, but will not accept the shifting of governance to commissions of inquiries.

 In its own admission the Gauteng Provincial Government state “that it is concerned that the taxi industry is submerged in violence, which, despite efforts by law enforcement agencies and government continues to worsen, they further continue to say that where necessary, refer those implicated to law enforcement agencies for further investigation or prosecution”. The question that arises is why to take this to the Commission of Inquiry knowing very well that you will still refer this to the same law enforcement agencies, you seem not to trust.

COSATU Gauteng is convinced that when the government fails to deal with issues, it subjects them to commissions of inquiries to kick the can down the road and hope that issues will resolve themselves. The government needs to deal with the failure of law enforcement agencies and also sort out the toxic relationship between politicians and those in the taxi industry.

These commissions show a lack of leadership in dealing with the reckless mismanagement of our public institutions. This federation ants to see decisive leadership and bold leadership and stop with neverending enquiries.

 Issued by COSATU

Provincial Secretary: Louisa Modikwe at 0661822402

Provincial Chairperson Amos Monyela at 0794935002