Load shedding is proof that the power utility is experiencing a dearth of leadership

Eskom’s latest decision to institute Stage 2 load shedding is evidence that the power utility is experiencing a dearth of leadership and urgent action is needed. COSATU reiterates its position that the senior managers and the entire board of Eskom needs to be fired because they have failed to fix the power utility over the last two years at the helm.

The announced load shedding flies in the face of the commitment made by the Minister of Public Enterprises to the Presidential Working Committee meeting at Nedlac a mere week ago that Eskom is on top of the situation.

The power utility is still haemorrhaging money, struggling with exorbitantly corrupt contracts and is still unable to ensure enough electricity capacity to meet the demand. The economy and workers cannot afford this mediocre performance, when considering the fact that load shedding contributed to our economy shrinking by 3,2% in the first quarter of this year.

The ongoing wasteful expenditure, mismanagement of the nation’s limited resources, including the illegitimate appointment of Jabu Mabuza as both a CEO and a Board Chairperson has all contributed to the erosion of trust in the power utility. This is not the New Dawn that we were promised and President Cyril Ramaphosa now needs to act decisively. Things that were unacceptable under the fifth administration cannot be normalised and tolerated by the sixth administration.

The federation reiterates its call for a public forensic audit of all Eskom expenses.  This must include all coal contracts where it is clear that systematic profiteering is taking place. All those who have looted must be held accountable and the incompetent managers should be dismissed.

The government needs to stop offering the people platitudes but begin to deliver results.

If the government expects workers to save Eskom through prescribed asset investment in government bonds, then workers not only expect but demand leadership end the wasteful expenditure, the arrest of the looters and present a clear plan to stabilise and save Eskom. The majority of unemployed people is looking for some relief over the festive season, where they hope to secure some temporary employment but Eskom’s bungling is sabotaging the economy and making that impossible. 

Issued by COSATU

Sizwe Pamla (Cosatu National Spokesperson)

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