COSATU Mpumalanga supports and wishes its Alliance partner SACP a successful Provinvial Congress

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in Mpumalanga wishes its alliance partners the SACP a very successful 13th Provincial Congress scheduled to be held as follows:-

Date   :           25 – 27 October 2019

Time   :           14h00

Venue:          Mbombela Stadium

COSATU extend its message of gratitude and support to the SACP precisely because of the following reasons:-

Ø  That the SACP has played a very pivotal role in building COSATU, advancing, deepening ideological and theoretical capacity which had worked for the advancement of the National Democratic revolution towards socialism and ultimately for communism defined as the unity of the left axis.

Ø  That the congress will perform a thorough assessment of the state of our strategic objective which is the National Democratic revolution.

Ø  The Congress will further analyse and tackle the current political socio economic and organisational discourse confronting the working class such as the threat of corruption, gender based violence and related social ills.

Ø  To develop joint programs and campaigns to build capacity for and momentum towards the socialist future.

The congress will be held under theme” Socialism is the future build it now.”

To give messages of support and address the congress will be the following leaders from the congress movement.

     i.        SACP NOB/CC member

    ii.        ANC PEC member

   iii.        COSATU POB

  iv.        SANCO PEC member

    v.        YCLSA POB

Workers of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your chains” Karl Marx

Media is invited

COSATU Mpumalanga

Provincial Secretary

Thabo Mokoena