SAEPU rejects the process of unbundling Eskom

The South African Emergency Personnel’s Union (SAEPU) rejects the process of unbundling Eskom. We believe that this plan is perpetuated by personal interests and capitalist agenda (neoliberal’s agenda) while on the other side workers on the ground will not benefit. After the unbundling, this plan will create three CFOs, three CEOs and many managers that will mean those CFOs will be earning more money which can be directed to the managers. The unbundling will also cause loss of jobs; Eskom will be privatised and handed over to Independent Power Producers which will benefit a lot. In all these processes we must not forget that electricity is going to be expensive especially to the poor.

We are going to support NUM’s march to the ANC to show our unsatisfactory regarding the announced turnaround plan.  

Issued by SAEPU

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