DENOSA commends the justice system for a quick conclusion of the Mrwetyana murder case

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) commends the justice system in South Africa for the quick conclusion of the Uyinene Mrwetyana murder case, and warmly welcomes the three life sentence handed down by the judge.

It is our hope that the sentence will send a strong message to perpetrators of violent crimes against women and children that their actions will be met with the full might of the law. Cases of gender-based violence tend to drag on forever in court proceedings and thus prolong the agony on the victims and their families.  As part of sending a strong message, may they all be expedited to ease the pain and suffering that families of the victims go through.

The conclusion of this case takes place at the time when the scourge of gender-based violence has not abated. As an organisation for nurses, we can attest that there has been an increase in incidents of gender-based violence where student nurses continue to fall victims. Just this past Sunday, a student nurse at Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital in KwaZulu-Natal was attacked and killed by her fiancé. Not long ago, a student nurse was abducted by strangers at the gates of Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town and was raped multiple times.

DENOSA hopes the Department of Women will, as a matter of urgency, coordinate a programme that targets all age groups of both males and females where society’s consciousness is improved on the issues of gender-based violence.  


Issued by the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA)

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