COSATU sends fraternal message to the International Trade Union Confederation Africa (ITUC-A) on the occasion of its 4th Congress in Abuja, Nigeria

On behalf of workers across South Africa, COSATU seizes this opportunity to convey fraternal greetings to the International Trade Union Confede4ration Africa (ITUC-A), and its affiliates gathered in Abuja, Nigeria for the 4th ITUC-Africa Ordinary Congress which commenced on the 18th – 22nd November 2019. The COSATU delegation forms part of this crucial gathering, led by our 2nd Deputy President – Comrade Louisa Thipe, and the Deputy General Secretary – Comrade Solly Phetoe.

The Federation salutes ITUC-Africa for the active mobilisation, unity in action and global solidarity against the forces of imperialist globalisation and exploitation. We are in the same trench circumstantially, and are afforded, once again, an opportunity to collectively put heads together and change our situation. In the process, we dare not fail the poor and working masses that look up to us to lead through difficult times permeated by capitalist globalisation.

COSATU is inspired by the Congress theme, “Unite and make a difference”. This is a clarion call that is fundament for victory against the ruthless might of capitalist globalisation. Even the great philosopher, Karl Marx spoke along the lines of the Congress theme when he said, “workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains”. There is no rallying and relevant call than this, especially in this era of heightened imperialist globalisation that makes workers’ pay for the greed of a few in the industrialised countries of the North.

COSATU hopes the Congress will delve on establishing mechanisms sufficient to address and defeat the looting and plunder of Africa’s natural and human resources, poverty, poor working and living conditions as well as repressive and corrupt governments. COSATU also hopes the Congress will deliberate on improving women’s access to employment and guarantee equal pay for work of equal value so as to dismantle all and every form of discrimination in the workplace and in society generally.

COSATU wishes ITUC-Africa a successful Congress characterised and inspired by fruitful deliberations and outcomes that shall be the pride of the collective march to a new, and just society across Africa.

Onward ever to justice, freedom and working-class power!!!

Sonia Mabunda-Kaziboni (Cde)

International Secretary

Cosatu Head Office

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