DENOSA Congratulates 2019 matriculants and urges them to be careful of bogus colleges as they seek tertiary education opportunities

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) congratulates the 2019 matriculants for passing their Matric exams with a higher rate. Also, we congratulate the teachers for their dedication as well as the Department of Education for the support that it provided to teachers.

In particular, DENOSA congratulates children of nurses who were amongst those that wrote Matric exams, for we understand how emotional this journey of preparing for their exams may have been a lonely one for them as their parents work long hours in health facilities caring for patients. 

This journey may have been more lonely for those matriculants whose parents are single parents who have taken a pledge of service that says the total care of their patients will be their first consideration. 

These positive 2019 Matric Results are an indication of the dedication of the current youth to education and their commitment to their future. 

DENOSA would like to encourage the matriculants to also consider nursing as part of their career choices. There may be challenges with the absorption of nurses into the public health facilities, but this does not take away the reality that the country still needs more nurses to care for patients in our health facilities, both rural and urban. It is a challenge that needs visionary leadership to solve instantly. Signs shown by Health MEC in Gauteng, Dr Bandile Masuku, to solve such challenges in Gauteng inspire hope and should inspire other MECs to do the same.

This year has been declared by World Health Organization (WHO) as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. DENOSA has pledged its commitment to ensuring that nurses voice is heard on its challenges, even if this means gate-crashing meetings of the powers-that-be, as long as that will be advocating for patients (community) and the nursing profession.

Lastly, DENOSA would like to caution the group of 2019 matriculants to be extra-vigilant when seeking tertiary education opportunities during this time of the year, as there are bogus colleges that will emerge and offer them programmes which are not accredited.

In the case of nursing, there are fly-by-night nursing schools that offer nursing programmes which are not accredited. Many young people fall victims to these scams. We urge parents and matriculants to ensure that the institutions they intend to register with are legitimate ones. They can confirm their legitimacy, before paying, by phoning the Department of Higher Education and Training to double-check if they are legitimate schools or colleges.

For those who would be doing nursing, they can double-check if the institutions they intend to register with are legitimate ones by phoning the South African Nursing Council (SANC), which is the regulatory body for nursing. They can call: 012 420 1000.

DENOSA would like to wish all those who have passed all the best. Those who have not made it, they must not lose hope and prepare themselves better because the journey towards a career is a long one. 


Issued by DENOSA

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