COSATU North West congratulate the ANC for rebuilding Mamusa Local Municipality

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the North West would take this opportunity to congratulate the ANC for successfully constituting the council in the Mamusa Local Municipality.

This came after the municipality collapsed and the ANC resolved to disband it using section 139 (1) c of the constitution of the republic and the municipality had to go to the election within three months which was on the 15th January 2020

The people of Mamusa have once again given the ANC the mandate to lead their municipality and we view this as a sign of confidence by the community on the ANC; but we call on the ANC not to abuse this trust and confidence that the community has on them.

We also call on the ANC to ensure that the people of Mamusa get all the services that they deserve to form the council.

COSATU calls on the people of Mamusa to support the council that they themselves have elected but at the same time, they must hold them accountable as they have the right to do so.

COSATU wants to thank and congratulate the ANC in the North West province for respecting the will of the people of Mamusa by not tempering with the candidates that the community has given them. Indeed democracy is about the government of the people by the people for the people and we hope that Mamusa would be used as a case study for that and all other municipalities in the province will learn from Mamusa.

COSATU wants to thank the ANC for the cordial working relationship with the alliance during these elections and we hope that we maintain this relationship in all our programs moving forward.

Issued by COSATU North West

Kopano Konopi

COSATU North West Provincial Secretary

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