COSATU’s Key Eskom and Economic Intervention Proposals

COSATU’s Key Eskom and Economic Intervention Proposals seek to help stabilise and save Eskom and its workers’ jobs.  It seeks to ensure the economy has access to affordable and reliable electricity. 

Equally important are urgent interventions needed in the economy and the state as a whole to stabilise them and ensure economic growth that can begin to reduce our dangerously high and rising levels of unemployment.

COSATU’s approach is based upon a social compact, where all parties from government to labour, business and society make a contribution and where necessary, a sacrifice for the sake of the national interest.

COSATU is guided at all times by the need to save each workers’ job and to ensure that we create an economy where all workers have access to jobs. 

It is also critical that the state itself is saved so that it can play the progressive developmental role that workers and voters expect from it.

COSATU’s Key Eskom and Economic Intervention Proposals were presented by COSATU to the November and December 2019 Alliance Political Council as well as the January 2020 ANC NEC Lekgotla where they received broad support. 

Further engagement between COSATU, the ANC, Alliance and Government at a senior level will take place shortly to seek to find agreements on saving Eskom and growing the economy.  It is hopes that these can be in place before the February 2020 budget speech.

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