COSATU North West condemns the violence directed at workers in their workstations

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the North West is saddened by the unwarranted assault of a nursing sister on duty at the Taung Hospital by a respected member of the community during the December festive season.This community member, by virtue of their standing in society, should be in a better position to understand that violence and harassment in the world of work inter alia constitutes a violation of human rights or better still, abuse.

Tomorrow, 4th February 2020 is the court hearing of this assault that took place where lives are supposed to be saved and not attacked.

COSATU in the province calls on government departments to ensure that workers are safe at work and that the laws of the country are respected.  We further call on the law to take its course.

We will be at the Taung Magistrate court on the 04th February 2020 together with our affiliate, DENOSA, to give support to the worker and to observe if justice is served in this case.

On that note, we call on all peace-loving members of the community to join us in giving support to the worker.

For more information contact Provincial Secretary of COSATU North West, Comrade Kopano Konopi at 082 339 5836