COSATU Gauteng POST PEC Statement

COSATU in Gauteng convened a successful Provincial Executive Committee from 4-5 March 2020. The PEC discussed the organisational work, political and socio-economic situation in Gauteng and the International balance of forces. The PEC appreciated that it was held during trying times for workers and the working-class in Gauteng. It is for this reason that the meeting agreed that workers are on their own and should fight against monopoly capital and those they put in power to advance their struggles but chose to betray them.


The PEC noted the impact of the sluggish economic growth in the province and the country thus affecting job creation and service delivery. Whilst this is continuing unabated, the workers and the working-class are on the receiving end from both business and government. The interventions by government are not meant to boast the already indebted working class but seems to be taking away from the vulnerable. The federation in Gauteng refuse to be a spectator but we choose to be active in helping towards job creation.

This will start by convening a provincial economic summit of the left including the African Diaspora Forum and any other organisation sympathetic to the working class. This summit will focus on creating jobs in communities through cooperatives, small community businesses and any other thing that can help in enhancing the township economy.

The PEC noted the spate of violence against educators, health workers and police and concluded that a joint campaign on workplace safety including the SADTU’s campaign on “I am a friend of the school” should be implemented across the province led by COSATU Clusters.

We will work together with all affiliates organising in the government (SADTU, NEHAWU, POPCRU, DENOSA and PAWUSA), SACP, SANCO, COSAS, School Governing Bodies, the Departments of Health, Education and Community Safety. This work will also be extended to organisations such as African Diaspora Forum, Taxi Associations and other progressive community organisations to advance the struggles of social cohesion and tolerance amongst different nationalities leaving in our communities.

The PEC noted with disgust gender-based violence, femicide and child abuse in the province. To this end it was agreed that the provincial gender structure should lead campaigns against gender-based violence in all our regions. In implementing this resolution, the federation will convene cluster-based summits to highlight the human and constitutional rights of women and children.

The Amadoda Indaba will also be convened to ensure that men are not isolated towards capping the violence against women and children.  The PEC endorsed the contribution of COSATU towards rescuing of the economy and COSATU’s proposal on SOEs and ESKOM. The proposal will be cascaded down to our members through shop-stewards councils to expose the opportunist like the DA for misleading workers on the intentions of the COSATU. The PEC again rejected the unbundling of ESKOM because this action has a huge potential of shedding jobs.


The PEC welcomed the State of the Province Address delivered by the Premier but was cautious on a number of programs outlined before the MEC of Finance delivers the budget. It is only after the budget has been delivered that the federation will comment further on the short-term promises made by David Makhura. The PEC welcomed the long-awaited decision to put the dysfunctional City of Tshwane under administration because of political parties ,which have displayed disrespect to the people of Tshwane. In view of this development, the PEC concluded that the leadership of the federation and SAMWU in the province should assess the impact of administration towards workers.

The PEC is pleased on the work it did on e-tolls and concluded that whilst a decision on this policy nightmare is still to be made, motorists in Gauteng should continue the campaign of not paying the e-tolls accounts.


The PEC assessed the work of locals and clusters and was pleased on the work of some of these structures and put an intervention plan on the struggling locals. The strategy will be anchored by strengthening and empowering the clusters do deal with COSATU’s work at this level. The PEC also declared 2020 as the year to celebrate the life of Chris Dlamini. This work will be cluster based and socialist forums will be organized starting from the second quarter of the year.

The PEC concluded that the 2020 May Day celebrations will be held in West Rand, Kagiso. A march will commence at Kagiso Stadium to Chamdor Industries. The mobilization for May Day will take a form of visiting industries, factories, farms, communities through door to door, bus terminals, train stations, taxi ranks and industries. The mobilization will also cover the Listening and Recruitment Campaign and report back on the May 2019 elections promises as well as our approach to the 2021 local government elections.

The PEC noted with dismay the attitude of government, the Treasury and the Department of Public Service and Administration and President Cyril Ramaphosa, in particular, for the attack on public servants. Their decision to cut the wage bill and interfering with collective bargaining is repulsive, provocative and will be reciprocated with the full might of the workers. The attempt to temper with the PSCBC Resolution 1 of 2018 if left unchallenged with spill to other sectors and will be dangerous for workers. The PEC resolved that a Provincial Shop-Stewards Council should be held as a launching pad for May Day celebrations and a defence of collective bargaining.

COSATU Provincial Secretary: Louisah Modikwe – 0661822402

COSATU Provincial Chairperson: Amos Monyela – 0794935002