Communication Workers Union (CWU) concerned on the South African Post Office’s response to COVID 19

Communication Workers Union (CWU) will instruct its members to withdraw their labour should SAPO fail to take necessary measures to combat the spread of COVID 19.

On the 10th of March 2020, CWU wrote to all companies where it is organised; to alert the employers about the immediate threats of coronavirus at workplaces. This includes mass based environments such as warehouses and mail centres, face to face contact centres, newsrooms, call centres and other high risk areas. In support towards our government initiatives in dealing with the spread of the virus, we had further proposed a number of measures to be considered in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Our fear is that should all of us as          citizens of this country and the world fail to arrest the spread of this epidemic, it will have dire consequences on the health system and the global economy.

We were pleased that a number of employers responded positively and many were proactive in dealing with this crisis.The South African Post Office (SAPO) acknowledged receipt of our letter and made an undertaking in ensuring us CWU that the matter was receiving the necessary attention.

What is troubling us is that to date, the SAPO management do business as usual without taking any precautionary measures. This irresponsible act is unnecessary and exposes workers and customers to this disease. We have written a letter           yesterday, the 18th of March 2020 to SAPO; to move with necessary speed in    responding to these basic requirements. If the company fails by end of business day on Friday (20th March 2020) to provide necessary tools such as gloves,     sanitizer wipes and sprays to combat the spread of the virus, we will be left with no choice but to instruct our members not to come to work, until the company complies. 

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Issued by the Office of the General Secretary


CWU General Secretary

Aubrey TshabalalaCell: 061 481 1080