The Finance Union representing 73 000 members in the Finance Sector of South Africa after the recent announcement made by the SA President in exempting essential banking services from the national lockdown, expresses its concern and disappointment with the finance institutions who, despite the Union’s expeditious attempts to engage with the finance institutions including the CEOs, on obtaining clarity and certainty, has to date not been advised on any developments in terms of how the essential service will be determined and specifically the impact on staff.

“We are experiencing a critical national disaster, and in some instances the Union has not received any crisis or disaster management plans, or business continuity interventions.

“The absence of such information is of serious concern because we need to give our members exact details on what the impact will be of the working arrangements on staff and how the selection of key employees to keep finance services afloat during this national lockdown, will be managed.

As a responsible union at this critical junction, we are supposed to be in a position to know how the finance institutions will manage this process and deploy its staff to perform the so-called essential functions. Now is the time when Sasbo is seeking guarantees that staff will be remunerated in full, they will not be disadvantaged in respect of leave given that this is a force majeure, an act of God, and thatsafepublic transport will be arranged and secured, that in the operations of call centres and branches that maximum health and safety precautionary risk measures will be in place especially in all public spaces.

At this moment in time, Sasbo is frustrated with the tardiness of the finance institutions when it is its own staff who is at peril. The Union firmly believes that safety, wellness and the life of our members must enjoy first priority. “This leaves us with no choice because the finance institutions are dragging their feet; we are now compelled to take drastic steps by delivering ultimatums in order to expedite their actions as a matter of urgency, says Joe Kokela the General Secretary.

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Modime Joe Kokela

General Secretary

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