It is shocking that the employer continues to put workers in danger. We saw a message shared with us by concerned workers and members of the public wherein a meeting is convened for the 2nd of April 2020 (see the attached message). We would love to be told it is a fake message. This virus knows no positions, no race and no location. Coronavirus is an infectious disease that has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The President has put the country on lockdown so we fail to understand why the HOD and MEC continue with this attitude, which unfortunately put workers’ lives in danger.

All of us including the HOD and MEC should be realising how merciless the virus has become; we have already lost a teacher and a member. We observe that other members of the society are defying the regulations of the lockdown but it cannot be our employer. We expect our leaders to lead by example.

There are many ways of keeping offices operational without having to hold face-to-face meetings. The employer must utilise those easily accessible communication tools like ZOOM, SKYPE and others.

Those officials invited to the meeting are advised by SADTU to think about themselves and the lives of all their families and take informed decisions. In law it is allowed to reject taking unlawful and unreasonable instructions, orders or directives.

Lastly, SADTU is equally concerned about the impact this virus will have in all grades this year but that does not mean our members must be subjected to this form of insensitive treatment. Our teachers have never disappointed in making sure that they teach even longer hours, this include office based teachers and other workers. The Union believes that the situation we are in requires thorough consultations with stakeholders like teacher unions so that we all locate our role in ensuring that our learners are supported throughout. There is no way that the voice of teachers would not be solicited on such critical matters that practically involve them. In due course SADTU, on behalf of her members, will make contributions towards finding seamless solutions.


Below is the message we are responding to:

Dear DDGs and Colleagues

This serves to advise you on the meeting scheduled as follows:

Venue:           Pmburg (4th Floor Boardroom)

Date:           Thursday, 02nd April 2020

Time:             09h30

The purpose of the meeting is to make assessment of the current situation and the MEC/HOD will pave a way forward.

District Directors are requested to invite their Curriculum Coordinators for FET Phase.


Lucky Mthetho



Issued by the Secretariat

Nomarashiya Caluza                                                                          Bheki Shandu

Provincial Secretary                                                                           Deputy Provincial Secretary

082 611 7027                                                                                      082 611 7028