The rally took place while the country is under a nationwide lockdown which clearly prohibits gatherings. The rally by the Premier is in clear violation of the dictates of the Disaster Management Act and lockdown regulations. In this regard, we find it extremely unacceptable that the Premier has decided to violate both the Act and the regulations even after recent updates on COVID-19 revealing that our infection rate as a province is growing at an alarming rate on a daily basis. 

In this gathering workers were invited to partake as part of thanking them for their work during the pandemic. However, we find this reckless because workers have to practise social distance as part of curbing the spread of the virus. Workers who are critical in the fight against the pandemic were made to stand for hours under the scorching sun while listening to speeches from executives who were sitting under a shade.

As NEHAWU in the province, we find this unwarranted insult to our members and workers unpalatable and our view is that it cannot go unchallenged. In this regard, we are not going to take this lying down and we pledge to expose those who gambled with the life of our members and workers who are breadwinners for their families. We will ensure that those who were involved are held accountable both collectively and individually. We view this matter in a very serious light and we are currently receiving legal advice.

As of last night, 902 people have tested positive in the province including 121 workers and testing is still ongoing. Collective effort from all stakeholders is very critical at the current moment to decisively stop new transmission in the province. We need all hands on deck to stem the tide against new infections and treating those who are already infected.

NEHAWU will do everything in its power including using all available resources at its disposal to defend its members and workers from reckless and intransigent employers.

Issued by NEHAWU KZN Provincial Secretary

For more information please contact: Ayanda Blessing Zulu at 079 519 5622 Email: