COSATU statement on the foiled terrorist attempt to overthrow the government of Venezuela

The Congress of South African Trade Unions applaud the swift response by the Venezuelan Authorities in stopping plot by US mercenaries to topple the Venezuelan government and kill or kidnap President Maduro. These mercenaries were interrupted and stopped on their way to Venezuela by sea from Colombia on Sunday 3 May 2020.

They were arrested and some killed at the port of La Guaira, located just north of the capital- Caracas. This is another attempted coup to overthrow the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and replace President Maduro with opposition leader Juan Guaido. A large cache of ammunition, arms and equipment were seized from the invaders and eight of them were killed and thirteen were captured two of those are confirmed the U.S citizens. 

COSATU is appalled by the continuous attempts by the imperialist forces, the U.S and its allies, to take over Venezuela through a forced regime change. While the world is uniting and putting arms down in solidarity and fighting the ravaging Covid -19, the U.S Trump administration continues to interfere in the sovereignty of Venezuela. This obsession with Venezuela and President Maduro has led to the Trump administration bungling the fight to stop the ravaging Covid-19 virus. We offer strong solidarity to the workers and people of America who are also victims of a bungling and incompetent administration.

This warmongering by the US administration needs to be opposed by all peace-loving people of the world.  

This incident is happening a year after the previous failed military coup attempt led by the Venezuelan opposition supported by the arrogant Trump administration and its allies. The actions of the Trump Administration violate international law and all the perpetrators need to be charged with terrorism.

COSATU also denounces the inhumane and murderous stance taken by the U.S. to force sanctions against Venezuela preventing the supply of medicines and much-needed equipment to fight the scourge of the Covid-19. The Trump administration is committing the same genocide that was visited upon innocent Iraqis by the sanctions imposed after the 1st Gulf War.

These sanctions are inhumane and unnecessary. COSATU calls on the U.N \ WHO to intervene and offer humanitarian aid that includes medical equipment, medicine, and protective gear to Venezuelans to fight against Covid-19. This is critical in saving lives in Venezuela.

We remain resolute and steadfast in our support for Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its legitimate government. In unity, we stand against imperialist aggression.  Venezuela shall overcome. 


Issued by COSATU

Sonia Mabunda-Kaziboni (Cde)

International Secretary

Cosatu Head Office

Tel:  011 339 4911 |  Cell:072 535 1577