COSATU Limpopo welcomes Cuban Health Professionals

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in Limpopo welcomes the Cuban health professionals deployed in our province, as part a team of more than 200 medical experts, who arrived in the country. The group of thirteen Cuban health professionals comprises of eight family physicians, one epidemiologist, one biostatistician and three health technologists.

For decades, Cuba has accumulated experience in the development of international health cooperation, as generously acknowledged by the World Health Organization. Our country has been very firm in our international relations and solidarity with Cuba since the dawn of our democracy and freedom. The Cuban revolutionary internationalism and solidarity continue to be a beacon of hope for the working class and the poor globally.

These Cuban health professionals are prepared to work even in the most difficult situations, including in very complex rural areas such as in our province. These Cuban health professionals should be put in good use by our province to contribute towards flattening the curve and mitigate the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

The federation welcomes the Cuban “Army of White Coats” to our province.

Issued by COSATU Limpopo

Gerald Mkhomazi Twala (Provincial Secretary) 

Mark Shope House

79A Biccard Street



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