Anti-Apartheid Struggle Songs from South Africa

During the height of the oppressive regime, alongside ordinary citizens and prominent freedom fighters, musicians played a huge role in being whistleblowers and opponents of the oppressive white government.

Some musicians, such as Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba, among others, were exiled for years for criticizing the government. Almost any song that dared criticize the government was banned in South Africa. But that didn’t stop musicians from speaking their minds. It wasn’t just South African musicians—artists from around the continent and the world all stood up in solidarity and release anti-Apartheid songs.

On one of the most popular struggle songs, Brenda Fassie sang with an effective vulnerability that portrayed how a lot of South Africans were feeling at the time. The song spoke of Nelson Mandela’s arrest, and somehow predicted his eventual release, which would take place about a year later after the song’s release